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I feel like a zombie, a very rested one. I have the HARDEST time getting to sleep. I wake up so many times during the night that I originally made 10 the limit when I'd stop counting, well I've hit 35 times in one night, and I refuesed to keep counging after that!! I'm on Paxel. Hugh Calkins at Hpokins put me on that. They've raised it to 30 mg a day since I started it back in Dec.

Does anyone else who takes Paxel or other SSRI's have trouble with sleep? This is getting ridiculous!! I sleep more hours than I'm awake now!

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My path has been to remove all clocks from my bedstand so I avoid the temptation of looking to see what time it is and I try not to think about how many times I have woken up or how long it has been and I still can't get back to sleep. It may not change what actually happens at night, but somehow in the morning I feel a bit better about it.

I put up a free 10 minute guided meditation on sleep on my web site after I read so many posts about sleep issues. Some people have said it helps. If not, it's still somethin' to do while you are wondering around in the middle of the night :-)


Good thoughts,


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Are SSRI's actually supposed to help with sleep? I was on Zoloft for awhile and not only did it not help me sleep it gave me nightmares. When I was on Paxil it didn't seem to help me sleep either.

I guess I'm lucky. When I do fall asleep generallly around 2-4 am I stay that way. I don't wake up a hundreds times a night like some poor souls do.

Now I use benzos or stay up alnight and sleep my day away.

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