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great point Morgan

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I posted taht I wish I was a size 14. Morgan pointed out that she was a size 4, and was told how well she looked. I know that I am guilty of beating myself up about my weight. My waist is bigger than comfortable. We really need to remember what is on the inside is not on the outside. We are unique!!!!!!!

Miriam P_K :):D:huh::o

How do we allow ourselves to feel ok about our appearance????

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Sorry, I wasn't bragging. It was horrible getting to this size, and I guess my point is, I would rather still be a size 12, and pudgy then feel like I do. But the weird thing is, when I was heavier, people had more inclination to believe I didn't feel well, and I find that so incredibly odd. It doesn't matter what size we are, if we don't feel well, we don't feel well. It just boggles the mind....morgan

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