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Foods that Trigger POTS

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Has anyone else noticed that the foods that often trigger symptoms seem to be able to be classified into two or three categories.

Foods that contain high Trymine (sp?) contents that are known migraine triggers all give me bad symptoms - these include aged cheese, red wine, and other common migraine triggers.

Ive noticed that i only get that sinking hypotension feeling after eating when i eat Cheese or heavy carbs like wheat and oats - and i assume this may be because more blood needs to go to my guts to process this?

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Guest tearose

I'm really not sure about all of these being triggers for my pots. I tend to have a natural aversion to aged cheese. Red wine does make be sick. But I must have a small bowl of oatmeal every morning to get my plumbing moving!!! :rolleyes:

I do think foods have much more an effect on us that is now understood.

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