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A Symptom I Cannot Figure Out...


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Okay, so this is going to start off sounding off topic and random, but really, I think it may have something to do with my dysautonomia, I just ... am not sure how.

So recently for the past... oh five or so years before my dysautonomia diagnosis, I have had something rather strange happen to my hands.

When I am washing dishes, or taking a shower (basically keeping my hands in warm to hot water for any real length of time), my hands will form bumps all over them. They aren't red, they aren't itchy or painful... but it begins to look like I basically have pebbles underneath my skin, and touching my skin on my palms feel dry and gravelly.

It will fade as my hands slowly dry out.

Now I know , you might be going " But Ashley, hands wrinkle when they are wet". Yes, yes they do.

But these aren't wrinkles!! They're bumps! I can't figure it out!!

I tried googling my symptoms, and yes that sounds paranoid but keep in mind my regular doc is not a doc so much as a sliding scale clinic that's extremely overworked and my np is terrible.

So basically the closest match I could find is something called Aquagenic wrinkling of the palms. Anyone ever heard of it? Supposedly, they are saying that this has something to do with permeability of the skin allowing water through? Also have seen that people with Cystic Fibrosis or Carriers of Cystic Fibrosis have this quite a bit. I am pretty sure I don't have CF, or I'd probably be dead by now, but is it possible I could be a carrier?

Is this something anyone else with Dysautonomia has?

Any ideas would be helpful , thanks

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Okay so my phone's camera is really terrible, sorry about that. If you look closely, thanks to the blur you'll have to , you can see bumps or plaques forming on my hands. Only on the palm side, not the outside of the hand. Those pics are within about two minutes of hand immersion in warm water.

This happens anywhere with warm water, not just my house, and not with any specific things in the water... just has to be water, preferably warm.

Sorry it's not more dramatic, but sitting around with a hand in a bowl of water isn't that fun and i didn't want to wait for more dramatic results :)

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Maybe you are semi aquatic. Its like your skin breathes under water! Do you feel weird at all in water? I would be really cautious as to what I put on my skin (chemical wise, from moisturizers and soaps) if I were you. I would go for all natural, no phtalates, parabens or sulfates or synthetic ingredients period. Thats really interesting.

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My palms do exactly the same thing!!! Dead on, your pictures could be my hands LOL I always thought it was odd because I don't remember when I stopped wrinkling like I'd do as a child. But it seems like it's been like this forever.

And it's just water that does it, doesnt have to be soap, chemicals or anything else.

Really weird, so what part of Mercury were you from? I was from the east side. :-)

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OK this is what I pulled up when I waded through all the Cf sites.

Aquagenic wrinkling of the palms (AWP)

The cause of AWP is unknown but relates to sweating. It may be caused by a salt imbalance in the skin cells, which results in increased water retention within these cells and increased transepidermal water loss. Some cases have been related to different medications, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and some antibiotics.

My guess is it has something to do with all the fluid/salt fighting I do with my body most of the time? Since CF is not something that is anywhere in my family tree and I had no sign of this problem until my Dysautonomia made itself obvious years ago.

I do know I'd live in that saltwater pool if I could...man I felt normal when I was in there

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That is interesting Cala, b/c if i remember correctly, my hands don't do it in salt water either! It clearly must be a salt imbalance then, but why show up on the palms? so weird. Also, as much sea salt as I crunch on, you wouldn't think there would be any salt imabalance, but I guess I'm not as salty as I thought I was? lol

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