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I have gastroparesis as my worst symptom mine waxes and weans and is not the same everyday. I have a j tube but before I had a j tube I lived on baby food, baby cereals for iron and nutrients, pumpkin seed powder low fat and low fibre lots of vitimans. Also juiced a lot. I .altetnate on bad days motility drugs, erthyromycin, resotran, domperidone, not on the same days but few days on one than few days on another.

I am never hungry but still eat for pleasure.

When I get flares no solid food strictly liquids.

I hope you have better luck managing it then me feel free to ask any questions. I am also doing IVIG in hopes to stop progression.

Did they tell you youf emptying time?


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Hi Carrie,

I'm so sorry you have received this diagnosis. Mine is not a severe case so I am able to manage my gastroparesis through dietary adjustment. The GI doc at Mayo completely discouraged the use of motility drugs unless absolutely necessary. He did recommend a dietary consult. For myself I have found a somewhat greater tolerance for a bit more fiber then fat which I have a very low tolerance for. I try to stay with a modified anti inflammatory, low fat, lowish fiber, as organic as possible, steamed veges, white skinless chicken breast, wild caught fish ( I don't tolerate red meat ), gluten free diet. I eat small frequent meals. I have a blenderized vege/fruit drink daily. Some motility days are better then other days. On bad days I do have to resort to chicken broth and other light fluids. I eat organic plain yogurt daily. I was taking a probiotic but didn't find it helpful. I think I may try a different one though as many people seem to be helped by them. The general GP dietary guidelines help a lot and the rest is really individualized trial and error. Keeping a food diary is very helpful. Unfortunately eating out can be extremely challenging so read the menus really carefully as so many items seem to be heavy on the fat.

One thing I have also found to be extremely helpful is to be given Reglan IVP and 1000cc extra IV fluid pre op if I have to be sedated for a procedure. Being given that helps prevent the extreme nausea, vomiting and dizziness that used to hit me shortly after walking up.

I hope you are successful in managing your gastroparesis.


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