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something GOOD for once!

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Yup, I have first class honours! The highest grade you can get. Bring it on--ok, it took me an extra year to finish, but man, it feels worth it today! :)

Isn't it great when something goes right for a change and you bounce back up to the sky and see the world, outside of the POTShole?

Hurray! :P

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CONGRATULATIONS!! What an accomplishment! I am so happy for you :P

BTW: What ddi you get your degree in?

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WOW, that is fantastic!! You should really be proud of yourself, not only for your accomplishment but for getting through it with all that is going on right now. It's nice to hear great news like this, it gives the rest of us something to look up to and encouragement, and it also lifts our spirits. Thanks for sharing with us and go celebrate!!! :P:)


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Hello hello hellloooooooooo! *bouncing off the walls!* Thanks guys for being so pleased--you've actually been more excited than most of my family and friends...one 'friend' was actually quite nasty about it. I love the puns- conGRADulations--how clever! and roselover- thanks for the very funky colours!!!

I did an MA in English Language and Literature at St Andrews University, Scotland. Now (all being well) I'm going off to Oxford University to start their graduate masters programme in Medieval English, as this has always been my dream...they have al lthe manuscripts I want to look at, and the world experts.

Loads of people think medieval stuff is dull--they don't know how exciting it is to unpick stuff and discover that actually, Lancelot is camper than a row of tents, Guinevere is more manly than Arthur, and Chaucer is some kind of rude dirty old man! I *love* Medieval stuff--it's so naughty!hee hee...the first person to use the f-word was William Dunbar in 1508 at the court of James IV--a Scot, no less- no surprise there then!!!

Going back to St Andrews this weekend to party with friends like it's 1999.

THanks again for all being chuffed for me--still a bit pained that it was more than some people I know could manage to be pleased...but you guys are, and my folks are...so WOOT! :lol:

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Congrats... Hey, I partied IN 1999...in Amsterdam... now THAT was a good time. Hope yours is at least that fun, but I can't imagine you'll have even close to the fireworks they did (Corina will know what I mean...the entire city is covered in a blue haze of gunpowder from the spent firecrackers).

Nina :lol:

Hopefully we'll celebrate my graduation in a few years...then we can all call me Dr. Mouse

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English Lit and Medieval Lit... Way Cool!!! And in Scoltland... Ahhhhh my dream!!!

I'm teaching a 15 year old at home and next year she will be taking a British Lit class. She'll be begining with Medieval Lit and moving up through the periods - poetry, short stories and Novels. I think I'll have to come to you for help!!! Maybe I can just email you her papers and you could grade them for me - hee hee - just kidding. I think you'll have your hands full at Oxford. Oh how I would love to spend hours in that library!

Well, party well, but be careful too!

Love Roselover

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Guest Mary from OH


Congradulations graduate!!! Way to go!! I'm so proud of you!! Now, you must stay away from ALL Potsholes!! You need to be flying high!! Soaring with the birds!! You did a wonderful job!! And, now on to Oxford?? My, my, my!!

You go girl!!


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Sincere Respect ,Admiration & the greenest of Envy,

Peresphone this is certainly a preferable method to the association and attachment of another acronym with your name. There is a lyrical nuance to BA , MA ,PHD ,POTS. You should be "Super Duper" proud its quite an accomplisment and your next course of study sounds , well MEDIEVAL and thrilling!!!

"Writing in English is the most ingenious torture ever devised for sins committed in previous lives"

James Joyce

Slainte` Kite 7

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