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Alivecor App Medical Grade Monitor For Iphone...anyone Used It Yet??

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Hi all just wondering if any of you have used this app?? It is a medical grade heart rate monitor that attaches to your iphone. It is an ECG recorder and is extremely accurate and is also used by medical professionals.

I got mine this morning and took HR supine then took it standing and was very surprised at the difference in the waves upon standing. You can use the recordings to take to your GP or specialist.

Seems its a really good monitor for HR and it can show any AV fib or sinus tachy or any unusual rhythms :)

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this is interesting.

I have a couple of questions if you don't mind

- did you get a dr to prescribe this for you? According to the alivecor website this is a prescription device

- you said that the waves were different lying down vs standing, what do you mean by different? If what you're dealing with is POTS, thus sinus tachycardia upon standing, the ECG waves should have the same shape when standing compared to supine.

- does the device analyze the ECG for you or you need to know what to look at when reading the tracings? I'm asking this because I own a professional grade Holter monitor - the 12 lead type complete with analyzing software and in a 24 hour time frame the device detects many "abnormal" rhythm episodes and labels them as SVT or VT or AF but upon a closer look they turn out to be artifacts. I would think that a one lead type of device as the alivecor seems to be may be even more prone to generating errors than the 12 lead one.



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Hi Alex,

Are you in the UK as they have a UK website as well if you need the link. But is also on sale in amazon UK. It was prescribed by consultant so they can read the ECGs - I have not got a clue when it comes to this Alex! But upon standing the readings are different - the sr waves look as though they 'invert' if that is the right word??

Unfortunately it does not analyse the readings for you but it just reads the electrical impulses like a lead 1 ecg. I dont understand much about sinus tachycardia etc so would not know what the ecg readings mean to be honest.

It is supposed to be very accurate in what it does as it is used by the medical side of the coin so to speak.

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Hi Tinks,

thanks for answering my questions.

I'm in Canada, and I'm not looking to buy this at least not for the time being. As I said, I have a professional grade Holter and that's as good as a hospital one.

It makes sense that a doctor should be the one to interpret those recordings, even if the device would analyze the readings. Even the 12 leads can generate errors - after all we're talking about machines programmed to recognize some algorithms and those can't substitute the interpretation of a trained professional.

Sinus rhythm is the normal rhythm of the heart, and in sinus tachycardia, the heart is beating normally (the electrical impulses follow the normal pathways inside the heart) only the heart beats faster than 100 bpm. This is pretty much what we're dealing with in POTS upon standing.

Here's how a sinus tachy episode looks like on an ECG: http://www.rnceus.com/ekg/ekgst.html

I hope this device will help your doctors get a better understanding of your problems.


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