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Sleep - too little, too much or just right

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A new study on sleep duration and Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT). I posted this because many on this site have problems with sleep and also problems with sugar. Looks like the range is really narrow - 7-8 hours is just right.

Long or Short Sleep Time May Be Associated With Diabetes http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/503847?src=search

Adults at the extremes of sleep duration have been demonstrated to be at increased risk of developing IGT. This includes individuals who sleep too much as well as those who sleep too little. A reduced amount of sleep may exert a negative effect on glucose tolerance through increased sympathetic nervous system activity, a shorter period of quiescent secretion of cortisol along with slower cortisol excretion, or an increase in the release of growth hormone prior to sleep. Although the cause of IGT associated with oversleep is less clear, it may be due to the direct effect of less physical activity as well as an increase in visceral adiposity.

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Guest tearose

Thank you for the information. Thank you too for the summary because I don't access medscape from home, only the library!

best regards, tearose

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