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Welcome to the forum! We are always happy to see new people have found us. Not that they are sick, of course, just that they have found somewhere to go. I think you will find this site very informative and helpful, even if all you need to do is vent a little. Unfortunately, most of us seem to be in a potshole right now (like a pothole in the road) , but I'm sure you'll find people peeking out to greet you. Again, welcome. morgan

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Hi kconnections,

Welcome. I'm fairly new to POTs as well (I've been diagnosed a year) and have been reading and posting here for a couple of months. You will find very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people and it's been very encouraging for me to hear that I"m not alone. I hope you find the same.


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Hi kconnections! Welcome!

Feel free to ask any questions you need to and talk out any problems that arise -- POTS is confusing and frustrating for everyone, especially at the beginning. I've just past my one year mark and still find this site a tremendous help.


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Hope we can be of some help and support.

Ask away but be patient some of us are not doing so good now we are what we call a POTS hole so it may take awhile for people to answer but someone always will!

Sorry you are here but you are not alone!

Stacey :-)

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<_< Hi KConnections - Welcome to our group. Sorry to hear you were just diagnosed with POTS - I hope you find lots of info and support on here. I was diagnosed 3 years ago - I am our resident insomniac I think, usually up posting at weird hours of the night as I get wired with adrenaline at the wrong time-like right now and yet am exhausted the rest of the day,even though I get plenty of sleep. Good luck on the new meds that your Drs. are trying you out on - If you have questions, we are all here for you. Have a great night!!!!!!!! Beth :rolleyes:
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