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Candida Cleanse- Eliminating Fungal Yeast

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Ok, so some of this stuff SOUNDS like a cheesy miracle cure for "chronic" illness. But I'm intrigued by the theories and in particular the holistic integrated approach of leaky gut syndrome. For one thing it addresses the hpa axis, and also the fact that these fungal bacteria or parasites can virtually take over parts of your circulation system.

And we all know that much of our struggle comes from disregulation of our blood vessels etc. as well as blood pooling, etc.

I want to try it because I believe that leaky gut is one of the most common, if not THE most common cause of chronic disease alongside deficiencies such as magnesium or dhea or d3. These issues also cause allergic reactions and the release of adrenaline among many other issues.

And who's to say that a bacterial fungal explosion in your system isnt the "trigger" that many people are trying to track?

And who's to say it doesnt cause other diseases such as guillaine barre? Which is described as usually caused by infection. Or mitochondria?

Anyone had any luck whatsoever with one of these cleanses? Or improved dysautonomia by improving leaky gut?

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Depending on the reason for your POTS, I think Leaky Gut is a good theory. Dr. Oz did a show on this and my husband and I found it interesting. He said it is possible to heal the leaky gut and showed how to do it. Now whether or not the damage to the autonomic nervous system would heal after the leaky gut heals I guess would have to be seen. I seems like if the other cells in your body have healing ability, so would the cells of your autonomic nervous system.

Warning: A Story of my past health chain of events. Not graphic, but may be lengthy.

This leaky gut theory is one I think about. My symptoms definitely started when I was a teen, after I had mono and some other long-term viral infections. I find it interesting that none of my close friends or family caught them. It's like my immune system was already susceptible to infection.

Before I was ill, when I was 12, my brother and I spent time in Florida with my Aunt. We both came back with a fungal skin rash (also my sister went a couple years later and came back with the same rash). The dermatologist said to put Selsun blue on it. I still do this when it comes up and it goes away on my skin. He also said that you have to have something "missing" in your genes to get it, and that not everybody gets it. So now, many years later, my symptoms suck me under and I am diagnosed with POTS. I find out at that time that my cousin who is just a few years older than me is very ill with very closely related symptoms. At the time it was going on 5 years that she was in bad shape, it's now 7 years for her. She's been through the gamut with doctors and tests. I will add that she often goes back and forth to Florida, and in conversation with my Aunt that we have all stayed with, my Aunt tells her that she also has the fungal rash. In one of my cousins tests with a naturopathic doctor, she finds out that she has a mutated gene. The doctor tells her that is what made her susceptible to the fungus and it has gone inside and has attached itself to her "nervous system" (if the doctor specified which one, my cousin did not relay that to me). She has been treated with herbal remedies so far, but interestingly, only feels better when she is spending time in Florida (outside of Michigan). I don't know if it has anything to do with it, just my train of thought, but my allergist told me there are too many molds in Michigan to test for in an allergy test. I haven't looked into it, but I wonder if Florida has a lower mold count? They do get more sun and are surrounded by salt water, not fresh water. I know there are people in Florida with POTS, but maybe they have it for a different reason, or maybe they would be worse if they came to Michigan?

So I guess my long-winded point is, for some people I think Leaky Gut is a good possibility! I'm not sure it would solve ALL my problems at this stage of the game to get rid of the fungus, as now I have old viruses that go back and forth between dormant and active that I believe are contributing to the damage on my autonomic nervous system. But I think getting rid of the fungus would help my immune system greatly, and POSSIBLY make my old viruses dormant with the result of my immune system improving. One last comment, my sister and brother no longer get the fungal rash. I don't know if that means they were able to get rid of the fungus entirely, or it is dormant waiting to strike them also. They are reasonably healthy for their ages.

Thanks for the post Spinner!

I have not taken the time to edit or spell check, sorry!

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My CFIDS doctor who is a virologist (formerly a fellow at Stanford and works with the CDC to study viruses in chronic fatigue like diseases and autism) says that herpes viruses can imbed in your autonomic nervous system. Anyone who has had the following: HSV-1, HSV-2, Chicken Pox, Mono, HHV-6, CMV, Parvovirus-- these viruses never go away once you catch them, and they live in your nervous system. They also hide on B lymphocytes in your immune system.

Interestingly, although my CFIDS was in remission last year, my viral levels were through the roof when I developed dysautonomia. I had just had them checked at the time. I know that I have brought my viral levels down since then with monolaurin. How much, I'm not sure.

Perhaps, because I brought the viral levels down that enabled me to get rid of the dysautonomia with the earthing sheet?? Maybe if the viruses were still high, it wouldn't have gone away. Sorry...just thinking out loud here.

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Spinner, Bebe,

Have you tried the home saliva test? After seeing this, I tried it this morning. Immediately it started streaming down and within a half hour it was all at the bottom. Now I should do some research to see if it is accurate. Just wondered if you guys tried it?


The "Earthing" idea in general I think sounds like a healthy plan for anybody. The sunshine, fresh air, and feet in the grass is always a lift. Although I would not lay on a sheet that is plugged into any electrical outlet, even if it is just in the 3rd grounding return line. Especially while sleeping. That's just how I am. I wouldn't trust it, therefore I wouldn't sleep well. =)

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The Candida Spit test is likely completely inaccurate, it almost always results in false positives and is more a measure of saliva viscosity than anything else, instead consider blood or stool tests the candida antibodies test gives a goood overall picture, the candida spit est was used to sell probiotics as a positive result means more sales.

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A big part of the candida cleanse is avoiding sugar and white flour.  If you do this you end up avoiding a great many processed foods and eating larger amounts of whole foods.  This would probably make you feel better even if you didn't have unusually high levels of C. albicans in your system.  

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