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Variable Heart Rate

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My heart rate is so variable within seconds and minutes. I can go from 67 bpm to 147 bpm without moving or doing anything. I'm on a beta blocker but it seems to not regulate this 100 percent of the time. Anyone else experience this?

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Yup....I am in a flare at present and have experienced massive HR fluctuations in recent weeks. Hospital holter for 6 days showed regular HR of 40-45 whilst lying watching telly and as soon as I would move/sit up it would be bopping away at 130-140. I saw increases of 100 beats going from lying to walking out to the bathroom.

It is starting to level out a bit better now the last few days 55-60 resting up to 110 standing.

I have no idea what caused such a bad flare and the massive HR fluctuations. I am not on a beta blocker just fludro, docs said my HR was going too low in the evening times to commence a BB. So I have no answers to it either but definately something I have been experiencing!

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