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Taking Midodrine And Florinef At The Same Time??

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Hi I was started on florinef a while ago and it has had minimal effects. I am still getting dizzy spells along with high heart rate. Due to the nature of having to store it in the fridge, I keep leaving it at peoples houses or forget to take it with me and forget doses all the time. I have asked to change this med for the above reasons.

Before I took this med I had high diastolic pressure quite a lot but when taking florinef I have had a few extreme high bps (one being 134/121).

I have now been sent a script for midodrine so I rang up the hospital and asked how I should wean off the florinef. They told me not to stop the florinef and take both meds at the same time to see if the midodrine is beneficial and so they can work out what way to go with the meds.

I am a bit concerned about taking these two meds together due to the increase in BP they can cause.

What do you guys think????

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Do you have low or high blood pressure? The florinif is supposed to help you retain the salt. You may find that you retain fluids and that your hands and ankles may become somewhat puffy. These medications are designed to be taken together. My son used to take both of these. He had very low blood pressure and it did help him a lot. He stopped taking the flonif about 3 months ago because the doctor thought it was causing his headache. My son still has his headache but his blood pressure is still staying up. Evidently his body outgrew the use of this medication.

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Hi Looneymum

I have low blood pressure but quite often with high diastolic on standing. Since florinef I have intermittent high BP.

So they are meant to be taken together...thats a relief as I thought they may make my BP soar too much.

I have heard both can cause a headache. How is your son doing just on midodrine now?

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He is doing great on the Midodrine but he's on a very high dosage. However, our cardiologist may try him on something different in a couple of months. We are waiting on some test results from the immunologist and cannot change to any new medications right now.

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Of course you can take both. One is a peripheral alpha 1 agonist the other just makes you retain volume.

blood pressure readings by arm cough are almost useless in pots. Pots is almost always about either regional or overall alpha 1 receptor failure or depletion of NE because of the faulty transporter.

pots patients don't get symptoms caused by hypo or hypertension. They get symptoms similar to a hemorrhage - pooling in one location - usually the pelvis, stomach and chest where there may be small fiber neuropathy, alpha 1 receptor failure or reduced NE. The rest of the body and vasculature may be normal.

the increased NE used to try and constrict struggling regions is felt full effect in the areas ( heart, arms, etc) where normal nervation and function is maintained resulting in the confusing profile of dizziness and weakness yet hyped up feelings and even elevated overall blood pressure.

this applies if your a dizzy pots.

in net deficiency some areas run out of NE while other areas can't clear it so again tachy, anxiety, inattention in brain and heart where tight synaptic cleft traps NE but pooling and dizziness caused by faulty vasocobstriction in the pelvis, stomach and chest where sympathetic synapses are wide and NE leaks away.

many are on both midodrine and florinef including me.

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So GOOOD to see you Rama! Would love to hear how your doing. We miss your imput! I tried to send you a pm, Looks like your box is full.

Would you mind getting in touch with me and let me know how you've been.

I hope you've been offline because your doing better.

Thanks for explaining stuff so clearly to Tinks.

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