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Guest Julia59


I don't want to open up old wounds, but I am still in the reconsideration fase of my SSDI, and I came accross this information in the many links I have aquired during my lengthly process. I am one to do my homework, as this was just part of my job when working as a commercial collections specialist. If I didn't follow up and check other people's work to make sure they were doing their job, I couldn't get my job done properly. I always made sure the left hand knew what the right hand was doing----in other words-----"follow up".

Here is the link I found regarding working while an application is made for SSDI.


I know you have let go, but I just wanted to run this by you. I think the whole process is difficult as it tries to set up applicants to be denied.

I hope you are having better days,

Julie :0)

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Guest tearose

Hi Julie!

You are so kind! Don't worry, you aren't opening up any wounds, I am healed and I have the scar now to show for it :P ...anyway, as you stated, that was just my point...I was trying to remain on the job and work through my health issues and my employer was paying me a regular salary even though I could not and did not fulfill all my job duties!!! He not only paid more than the ceiling "allowed" which was less than $830, in the past,...he actually got someone else in to help me! I just could not keep working. I wound up with much worse and major heath problems and now, no coverage because "I tried and my employer tried" to accommodate my disability "too much"! I did not know I would be punished for getting more income than the ceiling.

It is all still on appeal but I know in my heart and soul I did everything I could to remain in the work force! I can look back with a "tried hard" attitude and feel proud. Unfortunately, SSDI only sees and hears what they want.

I hope it all goes smoothly for you!

I am hanging in by a thread these days, too much to do on a daily basis and I am trying hard not to overdo! My youngest is graduating high school and I am trying to get the house ready now for the celebration in JUNE!!! Slow and steady... I am also trying to go back to a daily exercise pattern even if it is for only 10 minutes...everything is more of a challenge right now.

It is also late in the day so my thinking is skewed too!

Take care, thank you for thinking of me, tearose

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Guest Julia59

Darn Tearose, I was afraid of that. I wasn't sure if you were paid the whole salary.

Even though my employer ended up screwing me over, they did pay me my full salary when I was out for a month. It was our General Manager who saw to it that I was paid while I was off sick. He knew how hard I had worked before, and I was due some back vacation pay as well. It was the regional VP that was the bad guy.

I talked to my adjudicator today----she sound like a real winner, let me tell ya.

I did find out my lawyer is doing her job and getting the paper work to them in a timely manner. I explained to the adjudicator that I had a lot of medical evidence showing I was not able to work, in addition to two functional capacity reports also saying the same thing. I also stated that my Karnofsky (spelling?) score was 65.

Then I told her that my denial was based on a 15 minute report from the SSDI Doc who lied throughout the report.

She then stated that my most recent information given by my last doctors appointment was stating there were conflicting reports on weather or not I have chiari malformation. Basically her point was that this particular Doc is one of the Docs who filled out the functional capacity report saying I couldn't work, but yet he was sending a letter saying there was conflicting information. This Doc has supported me throughout the whole thing, he was just writing notes on what I told him, that this inexperienced neurologist locally does not agree with my neurosurgeon in NY on the chiari diagnosis, and he was being very dismissive. The SSDI adjudicator was only looking at part of the issue, and not reading the rest of the notes.

I'm afraid i'm in for a battle, and I will use all my energy to fight it, because I am sick of seeing people treated like criminals because they are not able to work anymore, and they need to get some income after working years paying into SSDI. I have read enough on all three sites---potsplace, NDRF, and WACMA on all the heart ache people are put through because SSDI doesn't want to let go of the $$$$. I know this SSDI Doc that got me denied was paid to get me denied.

Hang in there----you are spiritually strong, and I know you will rise above the SSDI antics. And you already know to pace yourself getting ready for the graduation----and by doing that you can still enjoy the party..... :P

Blessings to you,

Julie :0)

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