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Going To Hamilton!!! Finally. Need Advice

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So I finally got a call to say my appointment is scheduled for September. 19 and 20th (due to its am out of town)

I haven't been told what is the prep like...

If anyone here has gone through it I would love to hear about your experience.

My last ttt was a disaster, doc wanted me on meds and then blamed the meds for the result???

Anyhow, I just wanted to know if the Hamilton General does the ttt with the iv and nit. Or do you go au natural.

If you don't feel comfy posting on please PM me....My nerves are beginning to fray...lol

It's the fear of the unknown and knowing I guess. Or more like, great what is he going to tell me that is either the same or completely different than everyone else.

Thanks All

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Hi cupcakemomma,

I had my TTT done at Hamilton General. They did use an IV line, for drawing blood samples at various stages of the test, for injections to test alpha/beta receptor responses, and to give me saline after the test. I was not on medication prior to the TTT. I was asked to fast, no water except for tiny sips if needed, from midnight before the test.

The staff were all very kind and helpful and explained each step. I had expected to feel much worse after the test, but I think the IV saline helped a lot. The TTT results suggested some particular kinds of medications for me which worked, so I consider the test a positive turning point in my illness. I hope it turns out to be as useful for you.

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