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Bedridden For A Year++ Pure Autonomic Failure-Getting Worse Month By Month

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Hi Melanie,

I'm sorry you're experiencing this but am so glad you saw an expert at Mayo. I think you're in good hands on that front.

Hang in there, we don't know what the future holds and the next 'new thing' may be just right for you. One lady on this forum was very ill with pots and is now getting ready to run a marathon!

Keep hoping and coping...Sounds like you're a tough gal, and I'm glad you're able to see the silver lining in each day.

I'll be sending good thoughts your way.



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Its an incredible challenge and as they say even more mentally than physically if thats possible.

My assurance comes from 1cor 15 and ephesians 2.

A couple of books that have helped me are "grace grows best in winter" from amazon and "graduation to glory" by cs lovett.

I pray you can keep your heartbeat up and steady because bradycardia can certainly weaken you. Promise us you

will stay active and positive and be around loved ones.

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Speaking of books, there is a book you can google online called "grace grows best in winter".

The book by Margaret Clarkson literally saved my sanity the first two years after sudden onset.

I read the whole book a few times, but then when times got rough i would read one chapter at a time.

Every word in the book goes right to the heart of chronic illness and discovering a way to deal with it second by second.

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