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Falling down AGGGAAIIN

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Hi all,

You may have read my previous post about the excesive alchol and messed up diet pattern over the past week. Scince i started work ive become lazy, my job consists of sitting on a PC all day and just cant be bothered to do excersise:

A) It scares me

:o I get downhearted by my symptoms easy

Ive had POTS for 2 and a half years, About a year into my POTS i decided to start running, it was a Hard battle but i got through it, my mates a keen and very good footballer and runs Miles and is very fit, my aim was to be like him, so he took me running ( this was like a year and a half ago ) and pushed me hard, maybe to a dangerous point, but i always knew when to stop, i forced my body to extreme limits whiched resulted in my previous level of very high fitness, i was actualy doing 8 miles a day, and this was 3 months into the trainning. It boosted my self asteem and confidence. I was scared of running on my own incase i collapsed ect, but after the 3 months of extreme training i could get up and go on my own. I then got involved in smoking weed and drink and doing illigal stuff ( stealing creates of beer from the back of supermatkets, stealing stuff from the back of vans, growing and selling drugs ) and i totally forgot about fitness, i was to high on the money i was making and the booze that i forgot about the improtant things. Then all this crashed low when i got into a knife fight and had to moove address and go under witness protection, i lost everything, my parents had to moove, my brother lost his education and i became depressed and the POTS really started. I then started rebuilding my life and started running and was getting quite fit, then all crached again. I got booted from dads house 2 days befor christmas and was forced to borrow money from my girlfriends parents to pay for a deposit to rent my own house. I mooved away and im now again rebuilding my life. Ive found a job and have a stable relatonship with my girlfriend. I just want my fitness back now so i can procceed to be more confident in life.

Can anyone tell me what foods i should include on my shopping list, that will help my fitness and my POTS at the same time. Im on a budjet at the moment and me and my Girlfriend get 40pound a week to spend on shopping between us. Id really like to gain confidence and fitness and im prepared to start fromt he bottom. Can someone please compose me a shopping list please. Thanx

Aslo if anyone would like to join my fitness plan and become fit themselves let me know, im composing a website soon for people with pots that would like to join the Fitness plan that can be completed from anywere int he world with minimul materials. Its all about trial and error and we can all join in and disscuss it.

Get back to me.

Thanx for taking the time to read this.


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At the moment i feel badley constipated and sick, due to my diet of crisps and sweets over the weekend and drink. I now refuse to touch the drink again, my bodys had enough abuse from that over the past 5 years. Im sticking to a few Hot Drinks and Water, and electrolyte fluid, once i know what ones are best. Im also going to start eating alot of high fiber foods for breakfast and lunch.

Its a surprise becasue my HR is more stable then usual.

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