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Preliminary Program For The 24Th International Symposium On The Ans - Hawaii October 2013

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At my last appointment with my neurologist - (basically to renew my nadalol prescription and touch base) he asked me if there is anything else I wanted to discuss. I said "has there been any magic pills or treatments discovered in the last 6 months that you would like to share" to which he said not that he knows of, but that he is going to a conference in Hawaii in October and will get back to me :) ...

I didn't realize it was a conference only on the ANS! What an interesting program!

He mentioned that there will be ++ representation from the Japanese medical community.....and maybe there would be something interesting. So everyone keep their fingers crossed! (as an aside, I feel very fortunate to be followed by someone with such autonomic expertise)

p.s. I agree it would be nice if some of the info was made public..in particular what exactly goes on at morning tea ! :)

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I want to go! :) Problem with it being in Hawaii is a lot of docs will go for the trip and not bother going to the classes. :unsure: Hopefully our "good" ones will be there learning all they can though. Maybe we could offer to go and take notes for them. LOL

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I don't think we will be hearing any huge break throughs per se, but there will be very interesting topics like "Autoimmune basis for postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS)" and "Deconditioning in orthostatic intolerance - chicken or egg?" Which a little birdy told me was a study Mayo did which shows POTS is not do to deconditioning like Dr. Levine was theorizing. "Repeating and prolonging the tilt table test help confirm the diagnosis of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)" this is key because a lot of people have delayed orthostatic Tachy and Hypotension. Thought this Eminem paraphrase was funny, "The co-morbidities of pediatric POTS: will the real “POTS” please stand up?" "Treatment induced neuropathy of diabetes" this one is interesting. "Distorted central autonomic responses in sleep-disordered breathing" I believe also related to our days time breathing issues in dysautonomia. And on and on...

Btw most of these studies are out already so if you pop the title into PubMed you will find most of them.

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