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uncooperative leg

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I don't suppose anyone here has collapsed from the sudden loss of use of one of their legs instead of simply "blacking out", have they? As many offbeat symptoms of dysautonomia that there seems to be, just wondering. Has happened about 4 times in last 2-3 weeks. Regain feeling and function to leg practically before hitting the ground! If anyone has ever had such episodes, could they elaborate? Thanks.

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Hi Pots Parent,

This has happened to me several times. It seems to happen the most right when I stand up, one of my legs will give out and I either fall to the ground, or if I get lucky, I catch myself. Also, my legs turn to spaghetti quite often and feel as if they are going to give out, this also happens when I start yawning excessively. You should know though that I also have back problems and some of the docs have attributed my legs giving out to my back, but others have said no way. In other words, it is unexplained as of yet, but I find it curious that someone else on the board has the same symptom... I hope you get some answers soon.


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