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Ques: Florinef Dosage And Times?

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For all those who have been on florinef

Has anyone noticed a difference in splitting The dosage and taking twice a day instead of once?

I was increased from 0.1mg to 0.2mg about 4 wks ago and was taking it in the morning. I have been in hosp for four days now and as per usual for me Mornings are just awful.

I asked the dr about splitting dose to 0.1 in morning and 0.1 at night with the theory that id have more of the drug stil in my system in the mornings after the night dose.

He reckons florinef has a 24hr effect and it shud not make a difference,??

I think it has really helped me pick up over the last 48hrs.

Just wondering what peoples thoughts/experiences are?

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Yes!!!! You are correct, I take 0.1 in a.m and p.m. I also take my beta and seizer meds this way to. Also another HUGE morning trick for me is I set a alarm and take my meds and rapidly drink about 8 oz of water about an hour or so before I have to get up. This was a tip from my nuero and it really helps a lot, the water gets your Bp up and your meds get a chance to start kicking in. Plus you usually have to pee by the time your alarm goes off again ;)

But back to the Florinef, my nuero was very specific about splitting the pill times. He explained exactly what you are thinking, that your body always has a controlled dose and how important it is to make things easy on people with dyautonomia because our system is already in shock and can't handle things like medicine dips. But it's super important to take them at exactly the same time every day as well.

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I used to take 0.1 in the AM and 0.1 in the PM in order to keep a constant level in my bloodstream (2 drs I was seeing at that time suggested the same thing). Some drs prefer to prescribe it in the morning as some people report insomnia/sleep issues while on florinef; maybe that's one of the reasons your dr is so adamant about taking it in the morning?! Its plasma half life is 3.5 hrs or so but its biological half life is 18-36 hrs I believe, so while it shouldn't make a huge difference, for some people it does. Like Akgirl said, taking 2 doses prevents the large fluctuations in levels in your body.

Listen to your body, you know best how you react and what makes sense to you. I'm sure that your dr won't have an issue with splitting the dose, particularly if it is beneficial to you (well, he shouldn't have an issue anyway ;) I think...).


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Thanka guys for your responses.

I think it has certainly helped level out the morning chaos by splitting doses to morning and night.

However im in serious pain tonight witha headache that feels like my skull is gna burst open and yes....i cant sleep!!

You solve one problem and it creates another!

Also here in agony sitting out on a chair and my HR is bopping away at 42bpm....i think the increase from 0.1 to 0.2 a cple of weks ago is too much! Is it possible that an increase in florinef could cause bradycardia? Im short of breath with it too. :/

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