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Could Our Shortness Of Breath Be Caused By Bronchospasms?

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Have been reading up on this. It is caused by contraction of smooth muscle (the same ones in our veins that "aren't working") that lead to low BP. Wondering if our bodies are overshooting smooth muscle contraction to try to compensate for low bp. Therefore constricting our bronchioles (which don't need it) causing us to feel short of breath. Beta Blockers can also make this worse.

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Not sure if it makes a difference, but I also have asthma (diagnosed before the POTS) and I have taken my puffer thinking I am having an asthma attack and still feel the shortness of breath that I get from POTS. I am never sure if I am POTSy or having an actual asthma attack. I do agree that beta blockers make it worse. I have to closely monitor my lung function now that I am on beta blockers. I have noticed that I used to get a reading of 500 but after beta blockers it is consistently 450 or so on a good day.

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