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Another Shoulder Post

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In the summer of 2010, I fell and hurt my shoulder. In October, I finally had all the tears surgically repaired, I completed physical therapy in march. All the suddenly the past few weeks, I'm having the same pain as before the surgery, and the movement and clicking and instability. Are there any other options to help heal my shoulder? My doctors can't give me any options. I know I've read about this problem here before, but I can't find the posts.

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It is interesting to read this. I have two torn shoulders and am seeking answers. I have not had surgery. Have they checked for additional tears? Not to be negative about it, but sometimes the PT depending upon how it's done, can aggravate the tear. It needs to strengthen the shoulder. The clicks are a sign of something with the rotator cuff perhaps. I do think you should find out what you're dealing with first. In any case, I agree that acupuncture is supposed to be very helpful with the pain, and there are a couple of forms of yoga that have stretches and exercises to help heal shoulder problems. There are also many, many videos on u tube about shoulder problems, some of which I have found helpful. For me, after months of unhelpful PT, I am pursuing a cortisone shot (for my frozen shoulder), acupuncture and viniyoga. The surgery and recovery must have been difficult.

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