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Pots ? Memory ? Cognitive ? Memory Recall ? Spatial Problems ?

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Guest Alex

Hi there,

here is an article that you may find helpful.


Cognitive impairments associated with CFS and POTS.

There is a lot of research mentioned in this article that is aimed at explaining the reasons behind the cognitive issues associated with POTS.

Bottom line: it's very common for POTSies to experience brain fog, memory issues and so on, you're definitely not alone.


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I am also greatly challenged by brain function issues which does seem to be a pretty common complaint amongst others on this forum. I notice a huge difference in my ability to converse or just perform any tasks requiring thought whilst in a standing position versus a sitting position. My family will say to one another to wait and talk with me when I am sitting down. They don't usually have to wait too long because there is of course a limit to the length of my standing time. I notice memory is also more frighteningly impaired when in a standing position so I can not help but believe that in light of all of this that cerebral hypoperfusion is responsible to a degree for some of these problems. I'm sure there are many other contributing factors as well. My brain dysfunction issues are not just limited to when I am standing just much more apparent to me and others around me. I'm sorry you are having to deal with these issues as well.


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Yes, Cognitive issues have definitely been a challenge for me. I think since I've been on the anti-virals this is the one area where I've noticed some definite improvements though. Don't feel quite as brain foggy all the time as I was and can sometimes make sense while I'm still upright, rather than having to go lie down to have a rational conversation. :) Still not back to where I was before by any means, but seeing improvements. Fatigue and stress still make it all worse though.

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Sorry to say this is part of POTS. During school hours with my son this last year it became very frustrating. Math was hard. He could not remember the steps.

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