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I Got Into Mayo


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Hi Everyone - Mayo called this morning and I have an Appt June 1st....!

I know there is lots of Mayo info on here, but I was wondering what the best hotel choice is for us, where we can eat, is there a grocery/health food store near the hospital, and just general information about the area.

They said plan a minimum of 5 days there....

I'm a litle nervous b/c Dr Low sent my Info to Internal Medicine so that is where I will be going... I dont want to get the runaround there.

Are there Patient advocate servises? Have any of you who have gone to Mayo used them? I just want to get things lined up so I know where and what to do when I get there.

Thanks so much!!!

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You should get an itinerary for where and when you're going to certain dr's or tests etc. I didn't get one until I actually got there though. Things I learned from going there....you can almost always get into an appt. earlier than what they have you scheduled. You just have to go up to the desk and ask. When they tell you you can wait to see if an appointment opens up check with them to see how many other people are already waiting for an appointment to open up. We learned this after sitting for hours only to find out that we were number 5 on list of 6 and all of us were waiting for an appointment to become available. If you're one of the first few on the list than it's worth waiting otherwise don't waste your time. And if the front desk people tell you what times you can come back to see if you can get in..they always told us about a 4 hour time frame...get there about 15 minutes to half hour before the time they suggest. I personally didn't feel that they were very efficient there but the dr's were very good. Good luck!!

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Thank you Ernie, Steph, Ann, and sonshine!

Steph - yes I will do a search on here for mroe info, I was not feeling well this morning so got I lazy :D

I will bring the bug spray since I hate mosquitos or ANY type of insect... Lyme disease is enough to get from them lol

Sonshine..good tip about appts!... so what I am getting is that even if you have an appt it does not guarantee you will be seen that day?

Thank again guys.... I hope you have a good night :)

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well what happened with me is that my appointments were soooo scattered over a period of 2 weeks and I was able to get them all in within a 4 day span. That's what i meant by being able to get appointments moved up or get in earlier than what they have you set up for. There won't be any problems with your scheduled appointments...just saying it's possible to get stuff done quicker than what they have laid out for you. Sorry about any confusion there.

And I absolutely agree not to skimp on the accomodations. At first we went to a cheaper hotel thinking it didn't really matter cuz we'd barely be there....we moved after the first night and we were so glad we did. You definitely need a nice place to relax at the end of the day. I walked into mayo the first day and refused a wheelchair from the front door man as my husband was trying to get me to take one. It took me maybe 5 minutes before I ended up in one. There's a lot of walking to get to the different places...especially if you're going back and forth trying to get in early somewhere. The front door man gave me a hard time when he saw me at the end of the day in the wheelchair :-) I lost that battle.

We stayed at 6th ave hotel and suites. Nice and clean, good price, and they did have a shuttle service.

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we had a cheaper motel, and bought most of our own food and made most of our own meals. we took a plug in coffee pot(great for boiling anything-we did rice and noodles in it), and a duel unit-griddle/crock like thing. health food stores abound there- though you might need to check around for prices.

go to


scroll down and on the left you will see a listing for Lodging, click on it and you will find a lot of info.

best of luck,


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Guest tearose

Hooray! Off to OZ! I'll tell you more but I got to run out soon... I wrote a lot when someone went out this past February and so did others, try to find that thread! (Forgive me, it was either geneva or gena who went, I'm blanking right now.)

I went alone to Mayo, and so I stayed right there at the Khaler Grand...I worked with them on a price package and discounted dinner plan. It was February and occupancy was lower. I knew I would not be able to manage waiting for a van it the cold and snow, to a less expensive hotel, so I kept my costs low by eating breakfast in my room (hot pot oatmeal) and I made a sandwich to take daily to the clinic(ask for a room refrigerator). My dinner was either the discounted dinner at the hotel or I went underground to the food court selections there.

best regards, tearose

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Thank you for your suggestions Tearose, blackwolf, sonshine and steph!!

I truly appreciate them..... its good to know about the appt option....!

In all of your opinions which hotel would be the nicest to stay in? I know there are many to choose from. We are not thinking about cost when it comes to the hotel...we will save in other areas b/c I agree where I stay at night is the most important.....

Again, Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences

Its strange that I am looking forward to going in a way... I guess it will either confirm or give me more answers, or maybe even different answers...we will see :rolleyes:

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We are pricing them now for my visit. On Travelocity, you can get round trip flights combined with a Mayo-esque hotel in a package deal. It looks like the standard is 5 nights with additional nights available- $600-$700 for the flights and the week. Not too bad! There are three hotels to choose from and the Radisson is among them. Good Luck!

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Oh No! We missed the travelocity info... I wish we knew :rolleyes:

Thank you anyway... we booked a flight for $360 per person ( cheapest we found) and the Radisson is offering patient rates at $129 a night...which I find really steep!!

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