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Heart rate monitor


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Tearose, just wanted to say thanks for encouraging me to give heart rate monitors another chance. The Polar brand you suggested is much better than the one I had 2 years ago. The model my husband got for me works very well and I have now made it part of my daily wardrobe (LOL). Today in the grocery I was able to use my folding stool (another item I highly recommend) before my HR got too high and after a short sitting break I was able to proceed! It is the smallest things sometimes than can make a real difference.

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I have been thinking of purchasing a heart rate monitor, but was not sure which type to purchase, I was concerned with spending money on one which was not up to scratch

Would you be able to post the model type?

Very much appreciated


PS - with all my new found gadgets & preparations, I am going to have to invest in a bigger handbag (any excuse)

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We purchased a home monitor. It works well, but obviously isn't as accurate as having a nurse take it. My wife refuses to wear the stuff necessary for a portable monitor. Taking a collapseable stool with you to sit on is an excellent idea. It is amazing how few benches and such are available in retail stores/malls these days. Used to be easy to find them, now it is actually kind of rare and when you do they are normally occupied.

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Guest tearose

I'm so happy for you. Isn't wonderful when we find something works well! I too use a folding seat.

Yes, the monitor will show zeros (00) when there is some kind of interference. It happens in the car when I drive not as passenger. It will happen in an airplane, sometimes in front of a tv or microwave. Makes me wonder sometimes how some electronic thing must "leak" and we are not usually aware of it. Also, be forwarned, when you are near some high tension power lines, or near a high powered computer, you might alarm at 230 bpm and be reassured it is NOT you, it is the electronic things around you. I hope you will find this monitor as "freeing" as I have. It let's me push on with my activities without wondering or worring if I might crash.

I laugh at myself when I'm getting ready to leave the house. I always have to have my "bag" with a sweater or wrap, compression garments, water, electrolytes, folding seat, spare heart monitor and saltine crackers. I look like I'm 40 years older than I am. How do you manage your extra stuff?

Take care, tearose

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Louby, the HRM I bought is the Polar A3 which was $79. There are other models but just be sure to find one that has continuous display of HR. ALso the folding stool I have is from Magellan's (www.magellans.com) if anyone is interested. It is $24-25 and they call it a sports seat. What I like best is that it is very lightweight and when folded it can be used like a cane. I keep one in my car and another in the house for when I want to walk outside.

Tearose, I know exactly what you mean about packing to go anywhere. I keep a travel bag fully stocked in my car. I got tired of having to get one ready every time we wanted to leave the house. Now we just have to be sure the "POTS bag" is in the car! Like you I have many of the same things. I also have a soft neck collar and neck pillow as I frequently have neck and upper shoulder pain. Since one of my BIGGEST problems is overstimulation which is much worse in the car due to traffic noise and outdoor lighting, I also recently added a set of noise reduction headsets and a very comfortable pair of eyeshades. Thank goodness my husband has a real sense of humor!! Recently when I was feeling terrible and had to go 38 miles to the doctor, I had both headset and eyeshades on....my husband was fine but joked that he hoped no one would call 911 thinking I was a hostage. You really MUST have a sense of humor with this illness!!

I also keep an extra set of all meds in the travel bag and peppermint oil which I find great to help with nausea in the car.

It is great to have this forum to share ideas!!

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This is great info. How do you use the peppermint oil? My wife needs to wear sunglasses in the car as well. I never even thought about road noise. We are still a bit perplexed as to what causes her car ride issues. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does she gets very ill.

I will let her know that you experience neck pain as well. She runs into this quite a bit.

She gets alot of comfort knowing that she is not alone.

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I know first hand how it helps to know you are not alone in trying to cope and live with this illness and I hope you and your wife find a few good ideas that will help her through the kind and caring people on this forum.

I put a drop of peppermint essential oil on a tissue and gently inhale. Make sure you don't get any in the eyes! At home, I also use peppermint tea for nausea and get some relief.

The car thing was a big puzzle for me too until last year when a new and very compassionate doctor helped me to understand what happens to me in the car is my ANS becomes overstimulated by EVERYTHING. Every time I would ride in a car for more than say 10 minutes, I would arrive feeling horrible and my bp would be VERY high. Leave home at 90/60 and arrive 30 minutes later at 160/100 and I wasn't even driving. He told me to take Ativan before travelling to lessen the overstimulation. Since he is the ONLY doc who gave me a VALID reason to try Ativan, I tried it and it helps with the excess adrenaline stuff.

The "coathanger" pain of neck and upper shoulders can be very intense. At onset, I had it 24x7 but now get it only a few times a month. I was fortunate that when I had some PT my doctor ordered massage therapy as well and my insurance company provided. I really think that helps as well if you can do it on a regular basis.

I hope your wife will find improvement.

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Isn't peppermint tea and peppermint oil just the most simple yet amazing thing for nausea.

I've done a great deal of independent research with essential oils. Whilst I was at Uni, I used to work as a dispensing technician, and specialised in essential oils, went on a few courses and just read loads, completely un-related to what I do now, but it has become a bit of a hobby - I've not looked at my books for quite a while, I can't wait to get home and start looking through.

Justme - your wife is so lucky to have you, I too have a fabulous partner who has been given stacks of print outs to read this week, from the forums as he is keen to understand more about this condition. It means so much to know you have someone else in your life, who is prepared to try and understand.

I'm sure aromatherapy massage would do wonders for your wife, but see a proper aroma therapist. Once you have sought medical advise perhaps you could learn how to do basic massage yourself, you can make up your blends of non-stimulating oils, using a suitable base oil (almond oil is wonderful) with a couple of drops of something like lavender. There are loads of books on what to do, and what not to do. Even just rubbing the oil in gently to the skin can help, and it smells wonderful so instantly aids relaxation.

(I am more than happy to look into this for you in a bit more detail if you would like??)

If anyone does decided to dabble, and it is great fun to learn about how oils can benefit you, please be careful with certain oils, such a clary sage as these have stimulating effects, and they are really not good for people like us.

One oil that is so versatile and fabulous for relaxation, when having ones of those days or to help calm you down is Lavender oil. Roman Chamomile is fantastic for headaches, and other pains - they don't always works, but they do help.

Lavender oil, is great used in the bath or shower, I am using it constantly at the moment to help with sleep, believe me it works wonders.

Sorry completely went of on a tangent, but I love the oil thing....

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Maybe we will give the peppermint oil a try. My wife is very sensitive to scents and perfumes, so we have to be very careful. She can't wear makeup either. I also have to be careful with what I use. We are going on a long car trip (14 hours)tomorrow, but not sure I will have time to get the oil before then. I will bounce it off her and see what she thinks. I will also bring up the lavendar oil. She really doesn't like drawing attention to the fact that she is ill, but maybe she will be open to trying some of this.

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I absolutley understand, how your wife feels with regards to drawing attention to the condition.

The great thing with oils, is that on-one needs to know what it is for, it could just be a "nice smell"

The other things to try are burners, this way she would gain benefit from the scent without the risk of an allergic reaction. Or I sometimes place a couple of drops on a cotton wool ball, and pop on my radiator.

I really wish you the best of luck for your journey tomorrow, it must be very danting for both you and your wife

I look forward to hearing how you get on with the hunt for the oils. Most supermarkets and Chemists here sell aromatherapy oils, I'm sure it will be the same where you are.

Look after yourself.

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