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Vericose Veins


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I had a big one removed when I was thirty -- they used to strip them in those days and mine was stripped from my ankle to my groin and I have small scars on my calf where the varicose vein formed a big lump that was gone after the operation too. And I had nearly 20 years free of pain caused by varicose veins. I'm now in my 50s and another has taken it's place -- although not as bad and not as painful BUT it does get itchy??

When I went to see my pots doc about some stuff about a couple of years ago, I also asked him if I could have the small veins that are between my calf and ankle injected -- not sure what they inject them with, I thought it was only saline solution but not sure now, and it does make those tiny spider veins disappear. He replied that yes, I probably could, and he would recommend someone to do it. (My sister in law had that done and her legs look so much better for it).

My pots doc is a vascular specialist and a well known diagnostician. He ordered a Doppler on my legs as well as tested for other stuff. We talked about some of the other issues I was there for. On the follow up visit, when I asked him if I could have the injections for the small veins he said no, he would not recommend it. We got hung up on another issue and I never got around to asking him why?

I kept forgetting on subsequent visits to ask him why he did not think such a relatively minor procedure was out of the question but next time I see him that question is at the top of my list.


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When I got a heartcath my cardio asked me if I had varicose veins, which I didn't. When I asked him why he needed to know, he told me that I had low pressure in my left chamber which could be caused by varicose veins.

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