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Doctor Education Project

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DINET is asking for your assistance in helping raise awareness about POTS among medical professionals. If there are Doctors you feel could use information on POTS, please let us know. It may have been a well-meaning Doctor who tried to help, but couldn't or worse, the ones who told you it was all in your head. If you have had this experience and would like to help educate Doctors about POTS, please send us their contact info and they will receive a mailing from DINET. The mailing consists of a brochure on POTS and a nice cover letter from DINET which explains that we are trying to raise awareness about POTS, addresses the fact that POTS can be confused with anxiety (leaving a real illness untreated), as well as directs the Doctor to the DINET website and "Changes" video on YouTube. No personal information is included.
They can't diagnose what they don't know and for the Doctors who are familiar with POTS, they need to know how debilitating it can be. Little by little we can help raise awareness. :) This will be an ongoing effort. Click link below for directions:

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