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Potassium, "periodic Paralysis", Leg Cramps, Heat, And Vertigo


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We talk about heat intolerance here, which is my BIGGEST obstacle to living a normal life.

My endocrinologist suspects possible periodic paralysis which is emptying of potassium out of muscles and can

be dangerous.

Today I decided to walk slowly in the shade for 45 minutes at a slow pace. Im always testing my limits trying to

see what i can do.

I developed leg cramps, weakness, dizzy, and barely made it home to the AC. Luckily ive got the megadose

of potassium from my doc at cleveland clinic. Also drank down a Dr. Oz gatorade homemade, and hydrated.

Anyone else dealth with this?

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I can so relate to your experience!! This week has been horrible due to heat intolerance. I did some gardening work for a friend in need - in the muggy, hot sun - earlier in the week and have paid for it ever since with the same symptoms you describe. I feel for you! It can be debilitating. Do you have supportive people around you who "understand" and encourage you to care for yourself? I, too, take a potassium supplement (along with iron, calcium, etc) and get foot and leg cramps, nausea, and aching bones/muscles when it gets low, but can't say I've ever experienced paralysis. I hope the megadose of K+ helps and you're feeling better soon! Stay cool!

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all I can say is YES and hang in there! I even get remotely hot now and I crash completely......so sick of not being able to even enjoy a 25 degree day without feeling like I am going to die :( my potassium levels are fine so I chalk it up to being a autonomic or MCAS issue, either way I am unimpressed! feel better Spinny ;)


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Thanks, blessings to you all. I suppose they have some expensive test or another that might determine this, but ive been through a hundred of them, and the endo just gave me a monthly megadose for a year. I hadnt been taking them recently because i rarely get into the heat at all, but every now and again i like to put a sweat on and make sure my sympathetic NS is working right and that im sweating (was a problem previously).

Well, big mistake, but cant live life in a bubble. The first sign of all this is a sudden immediate cramping in the low extremities apparently. One more activity to avoid unfortunately, but its all a big learning experience what works what doesnt. Im always pushing for a normal life back and a lot of times

hit a wall.

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