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June 16, Last Day For Free Kindle Book On Balancing Chronic Pain

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Hi All,

Wanted to share this with everyone.

Today, Sunday June 16 is the last day to download a free book on Amazon called

Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the See-Saw of Chronic Pain, Summer Devotions


I've just downloaded it, but have not lead had a chance to read it.

It was recommended.



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Wow!! Thank you. I just downloaded it. There might be a time where I really need to hear something from that book. Curious as to how you hear about free downloads???

Also, I just started reading "Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want" by Deepak Chopra. It's not a free book but it's helped me tremendously as I was seemingly coming apart with too many questions, research overload, self assessment, anger and frustration. Not that the meditation made me well but my symptoms have been reduced by at least 50% by finding some peace. I'm not suggesting that everyone needs the same but it just worked during this flare for me. ~ Tracy

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Thank you for the prayers Kelly, I'm sending prayers back to you. Enjoy your time in Sedona!

Relax88, am glad you've benefited form the Deepak Chopra meditations. Thank you for sharing the title of the book. I started practicing meditation and breathing techniques, as well as visualization many years ago, and I agree with you. It's incredibly helpful.

It takes practice. In the beginning it's normal for your mind to wander a bit, but I try to be kind to myself when that happens, and refocus and carry on. I find it especially helpful with sleep when I need to quiet my mind. I use a mantra combined with a simple 4 count breathing exercise. Lots of free videos online that teach very simple techniques for this.

I don't have a link handy but it you google Deepak Chopra, you'll find he has many free meditations on line. He has a very peaceful voice, and it's a lot like bio-feedback. He focuses on breath, and quieting the mind with meditation.

About a decade ago we had a surgeon general in the U.S. who claimed that ten minutes of mediation daily is the most powerful thing one can do for their health. That amazed and impressed me.

Still haven't read this particular downloaded book, but it looks interesting.

I hear about free downloads through a network of people I've known for years, people who have CFS.

Have shared all of the free download books on Dinet. This is the third one in the last year, so I'll continue to share when I hear of one.



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