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I haven't been on here for a long time, maybe about nine months. I was doing much better with the Ritalin and making sure that I went out and engaged in activities. I still needed rest during the day and needed to pace myself but I was doing much better.

Anyway, recently my lumbar stenosis started getting worse and I am in extreme pain and can barely walk. My pain management doctor told me a year and a half ago to see a surgeon but I didn't want to have surgery, so we managed the condition with nerve block shots. Recently they haven't been helping much. Anyway I no longer liked that pain management doctor (for reasons I do not want to discuss in the open forum), I switched to another and he also said looking at my MRI that the stenosis is severe, He will do another shot in three places but he wants me to get another MRI and then possibly see a surgeon. The new shot is Monday and it can't come soon enough. The pain is increasing my dysautonomia symptoms, dizziness, rapid change in heart rate and blood pressure and blurry vision as well as low stamina and exhaustion. Of course, the heat exacerbates my symptoms.

In addition to that I had a mammogram and they found a small nodule. I had it biopsied and will have the results in three to five days.

So when it rains it pours.

That's my update. If you remember me please respond or even if you are new or don't remember me, please respond. I need all of the support I can get.

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