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Adrenaline Surges ..... Help

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Ugh, these are awful. Sometimes they've just been so bad I've had to go to the hospital, but sometimes the best thing to do is treat them like panic attacks. Lie down, keep your breathing slow and read a book or play a game. Try to 'ignore' the symptoms as much as you can and take a benzo if you have one. But sometimes they do just hit me too hard to ignore. Had one last week that triggered possible SVT, or at least an instant POUNDING heart, and I just went 'call an ambulance!' Was lying down at the time too. By the time the ambulance came my heart rate had gone back to about 90 and I was just shaking and numb all over. I'd been fighting really discomforting pains before that. Apparently it wasn't a heart attack, but god was it scary.

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Im hyper pots and get these. Theyre horrible I know. My heart rate has gotten up to 200 before. But my doc says they're not dangerous they're just really uncomfortable and theres no point in calling an ambulance or freaking out. She said if your heart is healthy this wont harm it. Ive had stress tests and echocardiograms and my heart is fine so now I try to ignore them. They really suck though. If I get nervous this happens also.

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