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Stress Echo

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I had one done before I was debilitated. I was still working. I was having my heart checked due to chest pain and the ever annoying heart feeling like it's doing flip flops. They did not find anything too far out of the ordinary. I do remember them telling me that I had a slight increased risk of stroke, because of the way my heart beats can sometimes cause plaque to break off. But I didn't have plaque build up then, so I guess there was nothing to worry about. But I suppose if you have something there to see, it could be a good test.

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I've had a couple. Had one when they were trying to figure out what was going on with me before I got the POTS diagnosis. It didn't tell them much. Had some odd drops with my HR during ex that the doc thought were unique but couldn't explain them at the time.

It's probably a good test to have done to rule out possible causes of symptoms and make sure there's not anything else that could be the culprit other than POTS etc.

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