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A cute story

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I saw my grandparents whom I see infrequently, yesterday. My grandfather was asking exactly what POTS is "in english." So I explained it to him as best as I could and he seemed to understand. He said "so basically the veins in your legs don't squeeze the blood back to your heart. I agreed and he said well we just need to make you a pump then. And he went on and on about how I just needed "a pump" in both legs. He said that this "pump" would be located in the heels of my feet and I could tap my feet and pump the blood to my heart. Can you imagine, tapping your feet ALL DAY LONG?!? It was funny, we were all laughing... and hey, who am I to say that it wouldn't work for somebody..... someday... I just thought that I would share that, and maybe make somebody else out there smile... :D

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Guest tearose

<_< Happy thought isn't it. Tap those heels three times and zing...no low blood pressure. Sign me up for a pair in red! Aw, what the heck, I'll take a few colors and the winter version in boots too!

Isn't it nice that grandpa cared so much that not only did he want to understand, but he wanted to solve the problem for you to! Hugs to grandpa! :angry:


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thanks for sharing your story...a very cool grandpa indeed:-) i've actually thought of a different variety of the same thing after having the compression boots on my legs in the hospital...usually people hate them but i loved them! they only work when you're sitting/laying down, but the two times i've had them it's gone through my mind that i'd like to sneak them home with me. if your grandpa gets something working, i'd buy!!


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