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Still Hanging Around- No Diagnosis Yet

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I recently saw my family dr and asked him about a referral for a TTT. I told him I had come across POTS and was surprised how many of the symptoms I had been complaining about were in it. Mainly. Dizziness, tunnel vision with distant hearing, brain fog EXTREME fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath. I have been sent for test after test, specialist after specialist and no one can explain these symptoms- I do have limited scleroderma with mild PH and severe raynauds but I am told these symptoms aren't because of those illnesses. My family dr agreed to the referral and while I was there he gave me copies of some tests I've had done over the last few months. One was for a cardiopulmonary exercise test. It says that the test was stopped early due to dyspnea and that I had a heart rate that was excessive at 162 bpm (93 percent predicted) no pulmonary vascular disease. I'm just curious if this excessive heart rate would meet anything to do with dysautonomic issues like POTS. I have struggled for so long with all these issues I'm sure you can imagine I'm anxious to find a reason for it

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Hi auntwinnie. I was where you are now for three years and finally I had a TTT and they diagnosed POTS with orthostatic hypotension. My doctor says I have a form of severe Dysautonomia. The TTT should confirm the POTS but make sure you tell the doctor all of your symptoms. I still haven't figured out the cause, although we've ruled out a lot. Hope you are able to find your cause and that it is treatable.

Everybody on this website is wonderful and informative. Please keep us updated on your condition. Gentle hugs,

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