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off the subject-DATELINE LAST NIGHT (4-22)


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Hi all, boy I can't believe how potsy I was yesterday. I was going to send a post asking everyone to watch Dateline last night-Friday 4-22. If you did,the story about Jeremy Bell, the boy molested and murdered by his principal, was my cousin. I hope some of you got to see it. It would blow your mind to know the whole story, Dateline touched on a lot of topics but didn't have time for all of it-obviously.

Let me know if you saw it.

Hope all is well and doing ok :D

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I saw it, and cried. This is such a malignancy in our world. As parents we so much want to trust teachers etc.... So sad for your family. This is something that is hard to deal with. I do work with victims of sexual abuse and know that there are so many that we will never be able to help. I will make a donation in his name to dinet online of course. Blessings Miriam :D

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Miriam, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the donation in Jeremy's name, I will let Roy(his father) know, he will be as touched as I am. :D

Morgan, I agree with you 100%. This world is getting a little too stressful and crazy. I will be so glad when my baby, Derrick, graduates from high school next year. He is still having a hard time with his new diagnosis of POTS-well not really the diagnosis but the symptoms. I am so glad that I am able to be there for him and truly understand when he has spells. People can try but unless they are one of us-lucky ;) POTSY people, they really can't.

Glad you both were able to see Dateline, wish I would have posted before the show :D:( Good grief!!



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