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Autonomic Function Tests - The Why's And The How's

Guest Alex

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Wow. Great finds!!

One thing stood out to me as being surprising. It was mentioned in both the first and the second paper.

From the first paper,

"A normal response consists of doubling of NE on standing. The patient with generalized postganglionic adrenergic failure, as in pure autonomic failure (PAF), will
have low supine NE. The patient with preganglionic lesion, as in MSA, will typically have normal supine values (since the postganglionic fibers are intact) but a failure to increment on
And again from the second paper,
"... if changes in neurotransmitters levels are evaluated after various physiological stimuli such as standing, it has been found in healthy subjects that NA concentration should increase by approximately 100% after 5-10 min of orthostatic challenge."
I'd never understood why they checked resting and standing norepinephrine, but this addresses it.
But here's another question. For anyone who had the catecholamines test, did your NE double from resting to standing? Mine was about the same in both positions!
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