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Problems with laughing


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Hi all,

Im @ work at the moment, been very busy latley, that why i aint been posting.

My question is, when i laugh i my HR does see saws and i get very nervous. DI get very panicy which causes me to go into anxiety mode. Does anyone else have this. im pretty sensative today after i was drinking peach shnaps last night. What food helps get this awful hangover away and feel better?

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James, the first thing I would recommend is that you stop drinking. It is very VERY dehydrating and that's part of why the hangover and if you are dry, your heart rate kicks up. You really have to make a decision if your lifestyle is worth what comes after. It was very hard for me to give up caffeine, I was a big latte and diet coke lover, but just decided it wasn't worth the after effects. (my inner ear disorder) Nothing is worth having the spins all day, so I quit. If something triggers your symptoms, you either decide to deal with the symptoms or stop the trigger. Pretty simple actually. No one here can make your decisions for you of course, but we've all stated that none of us are able to drink, without suffering consequences and so most of us don't. Done with lecture....morgan

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Hi James,

Of course, the drinking...

but I think the laughing thing might be "normal." It seems for me that any time a hormone is released in my body my heart rate can go up. Of course, it does not always happen, but it is always possible. Once that happens, the adrenaline rush is not far behind. Once it is no longer a surprise, and you know what it is, it is easier to deal with.


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