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need medical info about lyme


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my previous docs suspected lyme so tried me on doxy which caused a major herx, even colostrum and cats claw causes strong herx, anyway, i just switched docs and he doesnt really know about lyme, and how you need to take long term abx, and how hard it is to get a positive blood test, i know you will probably say i need to have to the tests done, but getting any blood drawn right now makes me very sick, and i am almost positive i have lyme, well, if any of you have any links or articles supporting how you need to take long term abx and the inaccuracy of blood tests, please send it to me, so i can show them to my doc and hopefully convince him to try me on different abx, i am trying to find one that wont cause such a strong herx, thanks for any help, feel free to email me privately if you want, thanks again,


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umm, i feel like if u have a doctor who doesn't know about lyme disease, maybe you need a different doctor. cause shouldn't that be in their basic training or something? are u anemic...cause if u can't tolerate blood being drawn maybe that's why - cause u already don't have a ton of blood in u. my general doctor always tries to take as little blood as possible cause she knows i tend to be anemic.

i don't really know much about lyme..but maybe google the keywords: lyme disease long term antibiotics.

and then u'll probly get the pros and cons

just a thought.

good luck!

you're in my prayers!

prayers, hugs, and love,


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Depending on what region you live, doctors DON"t know because they don't see it.

I a person who does nor go into the woods......not outdoorsy except to sit outside.

I ended up with a spot on my stomach. Didn't know what it was. Lived in Wisconsin, they biopsied it and I'll be it was Lyme!!!! Coulda knocked me over with a feather. I still was teaching 4 aerobics classes a day, raising my 2 kids, house etc. It was close to 8 years later that my crash came. Miriam :D

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