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Neurologist Follow-up


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Hello everyone, well I waited my 6wks and have follow-up with my neurologist on Monday. I've been having alot of anxiety over this appointment. She did the autonomic testing (TTT, sweat etc). I called to see if we should do other blood work during this 6wks to "get the ball rolling". And they said no she will review my tests and start treatment. Is this normal? She never checked for Lyme diease, autoimmune, vitamin def. or any other underlining problem that could possible control POT, AN, GP.

I've been put off by so many uncaring doctors that I'm scared she's just going to throw meds at me and shut the door? I don't know if I can go through that again. Starting from step 1.

I hope I freaking out for no reason but doctors have scarred me by being rude and telling me it's all pshychological. If this doctor lets me down I don't know where else to turn


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It seems that your neurologist is taking you seriously because she did run some tests. This is the usual way that specialist do it here.

I would try not to worry about it until I get the diagnosis and treatment plan on Monday. I know it is more easily said than done.


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there aren't that many doctors i have confidence in. i always go in trying to not expect much help. that way i don't get my hopes up for nothing if they provide no help or are rude. it doesn't make that easy, but, i guess it's better than crashing down, emotionally.

well, i think that it seems like she's at least done autonomic testing. shoot, that's more than i've gotten (well, i've gotten orthostatics done). but at least she knows of this stuff. (at least it seems like it..). that doesn't mean she'll be understanding, but it's a head start. at least, if she doesn't work, you'll have much of the testing done for another doctor. you will find a doctor who will help u eventually even if this doesn't pan out and at least you have much of the tests done already. it's not complete step one. but, i no this doesn't help much cause i have been in a similar position (fearing what the doctors are gonna do and fearing being thrown out to the wolves again..or not wolves, but..whatevs).

well, i need to pack my stuff for going home. i don't think this post has been that helpful. but what time is your appt on mon? i'm on west coast. i'll pray for you all weekend and during/before the appt. okay? and even if the doctor doesn't help much, you always have God and He knows what He's doing and He'll take care of you? okay. and you can pray in the waiting room or even in the room itself. that's what i do. cause doctors come and go but God doesn't...and He is who gives the doctors all the good stuff they know. so ask Him to give them the power to help you. but He knows when is the best time for you to be healed. it can be frustrating and TRUST ME - i don't think it's easy. listen to me when i call my mom, whimpering or flat out crying.

hugs and love and prayers,


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Thanks for the caring. My appointment went great! She didn't give me a treatment plan yet because she wants to run all the necessary tests to see if she can find the cause! Which gives me hope. She said what I'm experiencing is very real and if anyone wants to challenge me on it she'll give them proof that I'm going through a major life altering illness and of course I'd have some anxiety and depression. She said she would expect that and be worried if I didn't have those feelings. She kept asking me for more questions and listened to my concerns. She is from Mayo clinic so I have the expert without having to travel. Her name is Dr. Rose Dotson.

She gave me meds to help control migraines and nausea which are my main problems.

I felt a level of comfort in knowing I no longer have to fight for myself she is going to help me find my way.

I feel so much better (anxiety wise). I'm going to crash........ I just wanted to give you an update. All the prayer helped I don't doubt that for a minute. Thank You


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Wow Dayna, isn't it amazing how things work out for us sometimes, even though we worry about it. I'm thrilled that this doctor sounds like she's a true advocate of you and your illness/symptoms. How fortunate and blessed you are. She sounds like she knows her stuff and is doing all the right tests to determine a treatment plan. Let us know how it works out for you.

best wishes,


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Dayna -

I read the "before & after" in one felt swoop, but am SO happy for you that the appointment went well. Isn't it sad that we have to be more surprised at the good doc encounters than the bad? Hopefully someday it won't be so...

Anyway, I'm so glad that you have this doc on your side; it doesn't solve everything but it sure makes a big difference.

Let us now how things proceed....

And congrats!


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Dawn A - That's so cool. I'm really looking forward to that group. I met with Kristen last month, she's so sweet.......... My parents live in Kenosha and I go there alot, I'll wave while I'm passing by Racine.

Do you have a good doctor? If not I highly recommend the drive to Milwaukee to see Dr. Dotson.


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