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Blood Test For Pots ????

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Guest Alex


if you go to dinet's main page and from there to the 'causes' (on the left side of the page) you'll see a list of possible POTS causes. Good ol' dr google may help you figure out the types of tests performed to confirm/rule out those.

One of my fav website for med research is www.mayoclinic.com/health-information/ When you type in the name of a condition on this website it will lead you to a page where you'll find what kind of tests are suggested for that particular health concern.

Your question is extremely involved. Plus, to be honest I don't know anything about your medical history to point you in any direction whatsoever. I have no clue as to what tests you've had so far, if anything has been ruled out, what type of POTS you were told you have, what treatments you may have tried, what worked for you and what hasn't...

If you browse through the posts I made during the past several days, you'll find one where I listed most of the tests I've had so far - that may be a start point for you. Also, blood tests are not the only tests a dr may consider in order to find the cause of an illness, and POTS is extremely complex, so it requires much more than blood work in my opinion.

If you really have your mind set on finding a cause for your problems, then you should arm yourself with lots of patience and be ready to spend many, many hours researching.

Best of luck.


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