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We made it on prime time TV last night!


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Okay, I just had to post this. I know it's silly but last night (Tuesday) I was watching Scrubs and I got so excited about this one little scene....

Dr. Dorian (affectionately known as JD, Newbie or a bunch of girlie names to those who watch Scrubs) was trying to impress a guy at the hospital with his medical intellect by thinking of big word. It suddenly comes to him, and he blurts out "Vasovagal Syncope! It's a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system." Of course the guy he's talking to just looks at him, like whatever dude. But nonetheless, it was a priceless moment.

The scriptwriters in Hollywood obviously must have have some knowledge of this condition or perhaps a doctor on their advisory board fed them this line, but anyway I thought it was great! He said it so fast that most people probably didn't even catch what he said, but I certainly did! :angry:

Just had to share...

BTW, here's a link that on syncope, POTs and OI that I thought was very interesting, since the doctor puts it in a diagram form.



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Gena, thanks for posting this! We tivo'd scrubs and haven't seen it yet--I'm sure I would have screamed too ... and I will warn my husband this response is coming when the time is right! :angry: Very cool! If we can't make Oprah, we'll take Scrubs, yes? Thanks too for the diagram & article. Kind of interesting that no matter what, florinef and midodrine and beta blockers are the options. And if those don't work? Well, I guess we're all SOL. Grrr...



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here goes, ERNIE, my first attempt at brevity (by the way, merci beaucoup!)


SUPER COOL! I've never seen Scrubs...that is too cool and I am sure you are right that most folks missed the term! But not you! Thanks for sharing.


Does that mean I am SOL??? Oh poop.


How'd I do?

Goodnight...lights out at 10 pm for me.


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Sorry, Em ... didn't mean that so literally. The diagram reveals what we know--that the tools in the medical community's toolkit are limited. It takes more than hammers and screwdrivers (midodrine and florinef) to fine tune a delicate machine like the human body. We're not really SOL as long as we keep trying to figure it out day by day, testing a variety of remedies and treatments to alleviate our symptoms. That's all I meant. No harm no foul, right?

Sleep tight,


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did you guys see the America's Next Top Model with the girl who passed out? She said she has had this thing with her vagus nerve for a while and sometimes it acts up and she passes out. Her faint was crazy as she had no warning and just fell flat backwards. It is strange to see it happen to someone else. I started watching when I saw the commercial and I really wanted her to win, but alas, she did not. It was interesting to see her talking about it and to see Tyra telling her to sit as needed.

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I don't watch Scrubs, but I did see America's Top Model thanks to the commercials; I'd never seen it before but as soon as I heard that someone fainted, I was super curious. Good to hear that I wasn't the only one watching just for the faint! Of course I wish they'd said more, and I did think to myself that there couldn't be many jobs with more standing - modeling & flight attendant (her former job) - but I do still always get some sort of "rush" when something autonomic is shown in mainstream news, media, etc.

We've gotta start somewhere...


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