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Hi Steph,

Chrissy has always thought she was crazy when not being able to sense when to eat. The Dr.'s seem stumped. I don't know if she's ever mentioned this to Dr. Grubb or not. It's so difficult to get her to eat sometimes. For some reason, late at night when the nausea seems to come full force she always has to have something salty and spicey. Like nacho chips and salsa! Go figure! She's a normal weight for her height, but she says she really doesn't ever feel hungry. She has always had a difficult time with drinking too. HATES water--says she feels like gagging when she drinks it. Is sick of pop, but sometimes the carbonation helps. Gatorade, powerade and juices--she tries to alternate between them, but she never really wants them. She's lactose intolerant so milk is out of the question. Have you always felt that way about eating, or did it just start with POTS?


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I hate water, but it's all I can drink, except I have one cup of decaf in the morning and pretend it's caffeinated. I virtually never have hunger pangs, and on the really rare occasions I do I almost immediately feel sick at the same time. I always feel like I have just eaten. I only eat because you have to sometimes. But the weird thing is, when I am reclining you can hear my stomach growling across the room. The family is always teasing me about it. It just doesn't seem to go anywhere and it's not a hunger growl. So I just figure it's a potsy growl. morgan

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I'm not sure when it started for me. A few years back I was having ulcer problems and some of the medications they had me on made everything so much worse. I know that when hunger did hit me back then, I would have to eat right away or I would be sick.

My daughter has lost about 15lbs over the past couple of months because she says she never feels hunger. She's still healthy looking and I would think that she had an eating disorder if I didn't know first hand myself.

Thx for replying to this. OH, I did tell Dr. Grubb about this the first time I saw him and he said he hadn't heard that from his patients before. Hmmm....go figure?

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