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I though this was interesting for all you mcad / mcas people. Angioedema is very similar to anaphylaxis. In fact is can be triggered by ace inhibitors. I learned a little about it today in Nursing school, and it piqued my interest

Wonder if it applies to any dysauto folks

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Have had it in my lips where they have suddenly swollen up huge and red like that. Not fun!

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so wikapedia reports if you are responding to antihistamines it probably isn't a factor...i skimmed thru this as it is quite interesting, i worked in a restaraunt 10 years ago and it was weird, both patrons and employees were exhibiting the symptoms described as well as rashes on face, this is when i first experienced presymp. seeing stars and vision issues, didn't last long, just a month or so, normal blood workup showed nothing. also developed a rash on my torso at that time.

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