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Allergy testing results


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Hi everyone,

Chrissy had her skin allergy testing today. They pricked her about 36 times in the forearms and the only thing they found was that she 'might' have some allergy to dust mites (Great!} and trees! They do a round of needle injections, wait ten minutes to see if there's a reaction, then go to stronger injections, wait again, then stronger yet. The 3rd and 4th time the injection site got red but the size didn't get big enough to consitute a 'real' allergy. Nonetheless, I went out and purchased all hypo-allergen pillows, mattress cover, pillow covers, and basically scrubbed her room down! It'll be interesting whether or not any of this helps her. It would make sense that her eyes are burning if there's dust mites you would think. Anyway, I figured it can't hurt! Thought I'd let you all know. It'll be interesting to see what the ENT Dr. has up his sleeve next since he doesn't think she's been having sinus infections all these times.


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Don't get too discouraged. Skin tests aren't always reliable anyway. Sometimes food allergies, not environmental allergies can often be a cause of symptoms too. Also, I don't know if your house is older or newer, but many houses often have hidden toxic mold in them, especially if they're in a damp area. Mold can cause a lot of allergies and really aggrevate symptoms. Just a thought...I don't know if it's a possibility where you live or not.

Hope she finds some relief soon! :angry:


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