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Looking For A Doctor In The San Francisco Area To Just Do An Octreotide Injection


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Hi everyone,

I hope one of you can help me out! My husband and I will cross the ocean and will travel in the USA this summer. It will be our first overseas trip since I'm allowed to fly again and we're very much looking forward to it!

During this trip I will need to get an octreotide injection (I'm on a 3 weeks schedule). This is an intra muscular injection that needs to be injected in the buttock muscle (which is why I can't do it myself). Now I'm trying to find a doctor's office who will take care of it for me. I'll bring the stuff myself just need a doc to do the injection.

I've been emailing for a few weeks now. so far without any luck. I have emailed the manufacturer who couldn't help out. I've emailed a few offices of an urgent care clinic but one was in San Diego (too far out) and another one hasn't answered my emails so far. I'm getting a little nervous now as we will travel in about 6 weeks. I even asked my husband to do it but he really doesn't like it (also we would be in trouble when the needle gets clogged!) and I don't want him to stress about this.

Does any of you know whether this can be done? When I need the injection we will be in the San Francisco area, do you know of any doctors offices/urgent care clinics I can contact, who would possibly be willing to take care of this?

Your input is very much appreciated!

Ps I am allowed to bring the med into the USA, I've checked that!

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That is really sweet of you Mytwogirlsrox! Unfortunately San Diego is too far out for us, but I very much appreciate your offer! I'll look into the CA group and will contact Novartis again and ask them to try set something up for me. In The Netherlands my injection is done by my family doctor but we also have this special service called Novanurses. The nurses are especially trained to do the octreotide injections and come see you at home, I think that's pretty cool! And there's no extra charge for the service, amazing don't you think? (okay okay it is a real expensive med so it might be included!)

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