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Going On 9 Years Since Diagnosed

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long story short:
when i was 15 i was stuck in bed for 2 years, after seeing many dr and doing many tests i finally was told to keep hydrated with gatorade. this helped alot. i was then able to focus on my ibs symptoms, which i figured out when i was 19 , after getting everything in check from constant blood pressure issues, ibs issues, headaches, migrains, and even asthma when i was 24. im doing well, but not "great" , i thought i was doign great but turns out i got better after a DR told me to try Succeed! S!caps which contain as much electrolyte (and potasium) as a 20oz bottle of gatorade, with out the added sugar.

so here i am now, i recently tacked on p.o.t.s to my Dysautonomia diagnosis, about 7 months ago, i went in complaining i could not do the things i love any more and i was having issues thinking, and even being able to do an hours worth of hobby.

since taking the salt caps, i been 10x better. but i still can not live a normal life.

I enjoy the automotive industry. i have the ability to prep and paint cars, the ability to buff and polish and do a professional detail on cars, and now i can do what is known as vehicle wrapping, which is a specialty trade which not very many people can do.

i have with in my reach the opertunity to work at a local shop that does many high end car wraps, one of the largest and most known shops in texas, i worked there for 2 days as a freelance worker helping with a vinyl install for a friend of tim duncans (spurs player) but i started running low on energy the 2nd day.

keeping hydrated, eating every 2-3 hours, taking small breaks, pacing myself while doing the work, and i still have issues going onto day 2-3. i still have issues waking up early in the morning. its the only time i get IBS urgency, is if i have to wake up early. it is inevidable that i have to rush to the restroom.

if any one has any advice for me. i have such an amazing opertunity infront of me that i feel i can not grasp becasue of physical limitations.

my name is Jessica Hewitt, i am 26, and i wish the sky was the limit. . .

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You can ask your doctor about going to an academic clinic like mayo, Vanderbilt, or southwestern. Preferably the former 2 as mayo and Vanderbilt have dedicated autonomic specialists.

Since salt tabs help you might want to ask your doctor about florinef which helps you retain salt and water. Additionally ask your doctor about exercise as it can help a lot. Rows, jogging, stair master are all great tools that can relieve dizziness.

Good luck and best,

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Is this the type of job you can make work for you? - you have specialized talent that could put you in the best position to negotiate your work schedule, hours, etc....If your boss is wowed by your work, you could use it to your advantage and name your conditions and hours that work best for you - might be worth a try since this is your dream job and something you really want to tackle. You never know until you try - I found that if there is something I really, really want to do, I can make a way to do it even if my body does not always cooperate fully....

(by the way, Jangle always gives good advice - :rolleyes: )

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