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Question from new member, Rosa

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This post is from a new member. It was somewhat buried in another thread. She got a couple of responses, but I am re-posting it here so that it gets direct attention. Katherine

Here's where it was originally posted:



My daughter, 19, has POTS

For 6 months now we have been taking her to regualr & alternative doctors.

Here is what the doctors told us.

Young women develop this due to getting a virus, or

loss of minerals caused their new periods,

followed by a virus or after giving birth to a new baby.

All of which puts heavy stress on a young woman, especially if her diet is not that great.

What 2 doctors want her to try are:

1) Urine injections.

2) Drinking liquid mineral, take Red marine algae, take 2,000 mcg of selenium daily.

3) Fasting on her own perfect medicine, her own urine, 3 days each month.

It sounds OK to me because it is free, safe and her own.

4) Eating right for her blood type.

Has anyone tried that yet?


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I must say I have NEVER heard of fasting with urine injections before. It sounded very strange to me (and I study alternative medicine and nutrition) but I researched the net and came up with this link that explains it....


As far as eating right for your blood type, that's become fairly accepted and common. However, you might want to have some food allergy testing done first, to eliminate foods that might be causing a problem. Food allergies can set up a whole host of illnesses to manifest, as about 80% of our immune system is in our gut.

Selenium is a great anti-cancer supplement, but should never be used in excess.

Red marine algae is good anti-viral.

I would definitely get the basic medical testing done first before you launch into natural treatments. :(


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