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(Urination Question)


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So we are suppose to stay well hydrated 60oz. per day, some drink more. If I drank that much fluid I would live in the bathroom!

If I drink a 16oz bottle of water I use the bathroom 3 times within the hour. And if I drink a few bottles of water I feel completely bloated and waterlogged:(

I eat salty foods naturally but staying hydrated has remained an issue, I feel like i have a infant sized bladder lol.

Any others with this bladder kidney complication?

And suggestions to keep the fluids in?:)


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I don't know how to control the fluids either! For me, it's either just as you describe, or I am suffering from retention. No rhyme nor reason to when I will have a bout of retention, it's just like the lights go off and noone is home... no pee for me. However, just recently I had gynae surgery and while they were there they put in a TVT sling for my bladder. Unfortunately, I am now unable to have a standard drink without needing to go to the toilet within minutes. I have failed to make it on numerous occasions :-( So my drinking has reduced and I too would LOVE to know how to 'keep the fluids in'!!!

Could be worse, it could be an infant sized brain. :-)

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I have trouble with the amount of fluid they have recommended. Drinking that much causes me to need to go every 15 min. and that is unmanageable.

I try to stay well hydrated, and use plenty of salt to absorb the fluids that I drink. Currently this means going every 30min or so. Even so, when out of the house I place a priority on figuring out were the nearest bathroom or acceptable tree is located (I am a guy : P). In situations when it is not possible to use the bathroom that much, the dilemma, do I cut fluids and dehydrate, or tempt fate?

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I know where every bathroom is located in the entire metro area. I also know how to get to my own bathroom at night without even opening my eyes.

I have tried to limit my liquid intake before bed and slept really well, then woke up to feel awful the whole next day. Or if I limit liquids during the day, I feel terrible.

If you drink a lot, you have to either retain it and blow up like a balloon, or pee a lot. It is the law of physics.

The hope is to find a middle ground where you retain enough to keep you upright but not balloon out.

I take Florinef and it seems to help without puffing up. But I do pee a lot.

I guess the solution is to find the amount you can drink where you feel the best and deal with the consequences.

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