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If There Was A Pots Town...

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This is fun little spin-off that came from a post I started in the Dysautonomia Discussion forum.

The scenario is a group of specialists have opened up a Pots practice and we've all moved there to benefit from the coordinated care, and have inadvertently created a Pots Town.

This is what I imagine it would be like.

  • There would always be a shortage on mobility scooters in stores.
  • There would be so many handicapped parking spaces some of them wouldn't actually be close to the door anymore.
  • Buildings would have a lot more chairs and recliners strewn about
  • All the floors would be carpets with lots of padding (good for fainting)
  • Gym memberships could be priced by the minute instead of the month
  • You could stop and get an IV practically anywhere
  • Salt would probably cost a lot (due to supply and demand)
  • The closest ER would actually know the heck Pots is!
  • And the place would practically be a ghost town first thing in the morning and on hot days
  • It would have a really fantastic shuttle service

  • Or maybe it would be the perfect place to test out the automated cars that drive themselves!
  • Gatorade would probably build their first ever bar
  • There would be compression garment boutiques and outlet stores
  • Delivery services would be a huge industry
  • And doctors would definitely make house calls!

And mydoggielovesme2 replied in my original post saying "we would all have bumper cars, so we all could still drive. "

Please add your own thoughts to the mix- it's really kinda fun once you start thinking about a Pots Utopia! :)

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loved this. I find myself smiling broadly.

can this pots town be on the coast? I want a house right on the beach so I can roll out of bed into the sea. water has fabulous compression qualities. sometimes after a swim in the sea I don't feel like I have pots all for a little while.


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This is so funny :) And I agree with blue....I've always wanted a cabin on the beach...lol :rolleyes:

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Guest wishing&hoping

Docs would actually work together and talk to each other rather, focusing on you rather than their agendas :wacko:

Good quality cooked food (salad bars, etc.) would be affordable and readily available.

Temperature, noise and odor regulation would be a priority. No leaf blowers, compost, smoking, pollution :)

Compounding pharmacies would be readily available. Teeny doses of an SSRI in the drinking water :rolleyes: (just kidding...)

Clean air!!! (beach or mountains, I'm not picky!)

This is fun! Great idea!!

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All the houses would have 2nd floor bedrooms with the floor having a built in tilt of ~ 10 -15 degrees so that you would not have to deal with blocks under the head of the bed...

Showers and baths with built in seats.....Nuun would set up a competition bar across town from the gatorade folks...

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Every day would be an "optional work day" depending on how you were feeling. lol Oh and movie theaters would be open all night for all those with insomnia ;)

Great post, by the way! I agree with blue, ocean/beach for sure! :D

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Definitely agree with benches and chairs throughout every store.

No stairs in any buildings.

Padded cushions on wall corners (I don't know about you, but I walk into things all the time thanks to dizziness.)

Everything would be perfectly flat (again for dizziness and vertigo)

All restaurants would have ingredient lists available for people with unusual food intolerances/allergies

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yes, all wonderful things...... the temperature year around would be 69 everywhere

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All the terrain within miles would be flat too so those that can walk won't be challenged with hills. And "fainting sofas every 250 yards (?feet?) to rest on

Lots of shade trees everywhere so direct sun is limited, and canopies in front of all stores and homes

And the towns name?? POTSTOWNE (Has to be fancy and special spelling because we all are special and fancy)

LOL!! What fun


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There would be no kitchen cabinets or closets below waist level or above where we can comfortably reach.

The phone would be hooked into an intercom system that responds to your voice from anywhere in the house - "answer phone", "dial", "saline delivery" Lol. There would be no - hearing the phone ring, knowing it's not in the same room (or even if it *is* in the same room!) and wondering if it's going to be worth the effort to get up and answer it...

The same intercom system would be able to open the back door, by voice command, to let the dog out (into the fenced in backyard) when he/she needs out.

There would be a shooter bar (in the "entertainment district" near the Gatorade and Nunn bars) featuring a variety of salt shooters - with different sodium contents; Himalayan; sea salt; iodized, etc.. For snacks they would have pretzels, extra salty chips, beef jerky, salted peanuts and, of course, chocolate (just because)

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All buildings would be handicap accessible for those who use wheelchairs. And the school system would be completely online, so that school can be done from the comfort of your own bed where you don't have to be sitting upright! Seriously, I had to drop out of school because I kept having POTS flares every day while SITTING at my desk!

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