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hey only me.

Im back from hospital.I have discoved that when i have an attack when my hearts pounding and i feel dizzy my blood pressure actually goes high.but when i feel alright my blood pressure is normal.I always thought it went low but i guess not.And i dont always have attcks while standing i have them when lying down.Anyway i had a clonidine suppression test to test my hormones.It didnt really affect me that much my blood pressure went from 128 to 111 not sure about the bottom numbers.i felt very tired afterwards though.I get the results in about three weeks.its weird being home i havent quite settled in yet.Anyway just thought id update you.take care.

h x

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Hi, Hayley,

I hope you find some answers and can get some help. I found, too, that when my heart is pounding, especially after waking suddenly in the middle of the night, that my blood pressure is high--my husband bought me a little blood pressure machine for Easter. Then, as I settle down, my blood pressure goes really low. It just goes all over the place during these times.

Let us know what your results to your tests are. Hope they're answers to help.


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