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Influenza A And Norovirus - Double Punched And Miserable

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On February 9, I started with a fever, etc. Influenza A. I got Tamiflu and my fever broke about a day and a half later. After I started feeling a little better from flu, I started feeling nauseated. The nausea kept getting worse and worse until it all came to a head. Norovirus. This was a very bad virus and it just keeps on giving. After the night spent in the bathroom, the nausea receded slightly, only to come raging back worse than ever. To make matters worse, a week later I started feeling like my heart was beating "funny" and I was so uncomfortable I finally went to ER. They did an EKG and it was abnormal, something about 'T' waves... Fortunately, the doctor had heard of POTS and didn't call me crazy or anxious. He did bloodwork and found that my potassium was pretty low. He said my low potassium was what was causing my heart to beat funny and the abnormal EKG. He said that with me getting two illnesses that close together I had lost too much potassium. So I got an IV, some potassium horse pills and some Zofran that didn't work for my nausea.

My stomach is still unhappy, and I have this tight pressure feeling right in the middle of my chest that comes and goes. I am on a clear liquid diet and even that isn't sitting well. The potassium pills are HUGE and they really upset my stomach but I have to take them. I pretty much stay on the couch or in bed, which isn't good as it is making me more intolerant of being upright. I feel so weak and uncomfortable. I get winded just walking around in the house. I feel guilty as my house gets more and more out of hand and my husband works all day then comes home to another full time job while I lay on the couch.

I went to the family doctor and she said if my nausea isn't better by Friday then I have to get a CT scan to see if there is anything else going on. I wonder if the nausea and the chest tightness/pressure could be related?

Thanks for listening to a fellow POTS-ie whine...

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Today is worse. I am weak and my heart feels like it is "bumping" funny again. The diarrhea is still there. Anytime I put anything into my stomach it swells up and I feel like my throat is full. I am burping a lot.

I tried to run to the butcher shop to get something for dinner for the rest of the family and ended up almost passing out. The store owners wanted to call 911.

I called my PCP but they told me to push fluids and take Imodium, and to see a GI doctor. I can't get in to a GI doctor for two weeks, I tried. :(

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I always love how they tell you to see a specialist when you are really ill and the specialists can never see you! <_<

My mom had the stomach bug and it took her over a week to get over it, she ended up in ER and she doesn't have POTS. They gave her I.V and some anti-nausea medicine.

You may need to go to ER for both, if you aren't getting better.

I had the regular flu in Feb. and just the fever caused my POTS to flare. I was told that fevers dehydrate you and I didn't have the stomach issues.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Oh Angelika- I'm SO sorry to hear about this double whammy! I'm impressed you are functioning enough to get on the computer.

Did the doc mention anything about flattening of the T-waves? Just curious?

Just anatomically speaking, it would seem that the nausea and chest pressure/tightness could be related, but I sure wouldn't want you to ignore any symptoms that in ANY way make you feel uncomfortable, especially since you know you have an abnormal EKG at this point.

Sorry you can't get in to see the specialist sooner. Around here it's taking months to get in, so two weeks sounds pretty good to me, but I know it seems like FOREVER when you're miserable like you are.

Did the IV in the ER give you any relief?

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So Sorry Angela. Hange in there! In January my son went through 2 rounds of flu with 2 rounds of Tamiflu. His headache has come back 24/7 and he shakes from waist down. Our cardiologist has order more blood work this week to see where all his levels are at. It is a mess and I feel very sorry for you. He is drinking 16 ounces of water and then 16 ounces of gateraide. He has also started using coconut water. It is high in magneisum and potassium. Drink your fluids. Don't worry about housework. The more you can stay upright, the better off you may be. It seems like after any illness the upper body muscles just forget or don't want to work properly. I don't believe this is deconditioning, this is part of POTS. I just wish some doctors would get this figure out and shut up about the deconditioning. It's kind of hard to ride a stationary bike when your chest is inflammed and you are coughing your head off. Watch your salt levels and take your blood pressure regularly. I had to up my son's because his blood pressure kept dropping. Hope this helps and try to stay upright if possible.

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Thank you so much everyone. Today I am feeling a bit better. I wonder if I was low on salt and fluids. The broth I have is straight from the butcher shop so it probably doesn't have a high salt content. I am drinking more now that my stomach is handling it better. I ate some saltines and they stayed put. This has been an awful experience. Today I do have a headache (and a toothache!) My stomach is still really puffy, not sure what is going on there. I have lost 10 lbs during this episode. Granted, I could stand to lose them, but still not the best way to do it.

chaos, He didn't say what the T waves were doing, just that they were off. When I looked at it, It looked like mountains up for a bit, then mountains upside down for a bit.

Looneymom, so sorry for your son. I feel for him! I hope you get him straightened out soon.

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